Soon to Come for GLMA Nursing Section Members — Online Leadership Team Election!

Our current leadership team is preparing to send out an announcement of the election process for our 2015-2014 Leadership Team!  This will be a terrific opportunity!  The process will start with nominations, and YOU will have the opportunity to volunteer, or to nominate someone to be on the ballot for one of several leadership positions – Chair-Elect, Recorder, Budget Officer, or Student Representative!  The requirements are simple — a deep desire to do something concrete to strengthen nursing’s activism and advance LGBTQ health, membership in the GLMA Nursing Section, and the hardest of all — attendance at the GLMA Nursing Summit in Portland, Oregon on September 24,

So start thinking and planning now!!!  The announcement about the election will be posted here very soon, with instructions on how to nominate yourself or someone else for one of these important roles!

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