Month: November 2015

Call for Abstracts – Lesbian Health Fund

The Lesbian Health Fund (LHF), a program of GLMA, is currently accepting proposals for research on lesbian health. The deadline to submit is February 1, 2016.

About LHF

Founded in 1992, the LHF has awarded more than $840,000 to fund lesbian health research, and is the only US research fund dedicated solely to the unique health needs of lesbians, other sexual minority women (SMW) and their families.

Today, LHF remains committed to improving the health of lesbians and other sexual minority women over the lifespan, from early childhood, through adolescence, and adulthood, including aging. There is still great need to understand how social determinants, especially race and ethnicity, influence the health and wellbeing of lesbians, other SMW and their families.

Priority Research Areas:

  • Understanding social, family and interpersonal influences as sources of stress or support
  • Eliminating inequalities in health care, including barriers to care, and improving quality of care and utilization rates
  • Development and testing of interventions to address mental and physical health needs of lesbians and other SMW, including but not limited to depression, identity related issues, eating disorders, substance abuse, obesity, cancer risks, cardiovascular disease and sexually transmitted infections
  • Sexual and reproductive health, including family & parenting issues

Many applications are for small projects ($500 – $10,000) structured to provide pilot data for subsequent research. Publication in a peer-reviewed journal is expected, and priority is given to the best proposals with the greatest likelihood of securing future funding from other sources.

Proposals for the next grant cycle are due on February 1, 2016. Click here for information on how to apply. Click here for a list of previously funded grants.

Please forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested. GLMA Board Members and LHF Advisory Committee Members or paid consultants are ineligible to submit grants. Please contact Shalini Batra at, or 202-600-8037202-600-8037, ext. 308 with any questions.

Leadership Team Report

You might be wondering what is happening with the GLMA Nursing Section these days, or you might not have given this a thought!  After all, it is easy to relegate the GLMA Nursing Section to a once-a-year event that many have come to eagerly anticipate, and that provides a rich experience of inspiration and rejuvenation.  But the GLMA Nursing Section was formed to be much more than something that only happens once a year … it was formed to provide all LGBTQ nurses and our allies a “home” – a year-round “space” to be free of the persistent stigma that many of live with day in and day out, a means of connection with colleagues and friends and re-energize our commitment to the work we do, a network from which to generate ideas and actions to improve LGBTQ health.

So this year’s leadership team is committed to a year-round focus on making the Section an important and vital force for nursing and healthcare.  For starters, we are meeting every month using the video-meeting platform.  Our first two meetings were held on October 1 and on November 5, 2015.  We have set the following goals for the coming year:

  1. Plan for the 2016 summit
  2. Develop a finance plan, including exploration of additional funding, for the summit in cooperation with GLMA staff
  3. Develop an accurate roster and budget
  4. Meet all of the deadlines for GLMA board reports
  5. Increase the engagement of the workgroup leaders
  6. Develop a team of folks to manage the website and blog
  7. Broaden the visibility of GLMA nursing
  8. Develop a transparent and effective voting process.

As you can see, some of these goals are  pretty mundane – just taking care of business!  But others are focused on opening doors of opportunity for becoming involved – particularly # 5, 6, and 7 on this list!  We know that everyone is totally overwhelmed with many pressing responsibilities and demands on time and energy.  But we also know that for too long, LGBTQ health, and LGBTQ nursing concerns have been neglected.  So go back up to the list — and take a close look at # 5, 6 and 7!  If you can become involved in any way to help us meet these goals, please let us know!

Our monthly meetings are on the first Thursday of the month, so our December meeting will be on the 3rd!  You are welcome to join us!  If you want to do so, use the contact form on this site to let us know and we will send you more details!