Workplace Climate

In 2015, The GLMA Nursing Section developed the Workplace Climate Scale, which provides guidelines for creating an affirming and inclusive work environment for nurses who are employed in any setting – hospitals, community agencies, schools and colleges, government agencies, and other industries. All materials for the Scale are available on; links to all the materials are provided below.

This project is a positive approach to address dynamics of homophobia, particularly lesbian-phobia, and resulting forms of discrimination in hiring of LGBTQ nurses, work assignments and professional/social dynamics. We believe that the welfare of LGBTQ nurses is among the most pressing of issues because of long-standing discrimination that has created fear and hardship for too many nurses.

The core element of this project is the Workplace Climate Scale (WCS).  This Scale can be used as a teaching tool, a self-assessment guide, and a means of gaining recognition for achieving work environment that is affirming and inclusive of LGBTQ nurses.  We have provided a number of resources that you can use in reaching your goals for your own workplace here.

Follow each of the following links for information related to using the Workplace Climate Scale!

Teaching with the Workplace Climate Scale

Integrate the items on the Workplace Climate Scale in lectures, discussions and presentations related to LGBTQ health.

Workplace Climate Scale for Self- Assessment

Raise awareness in your organization about best practices for LGBTQ inclusion, respect and understanding.

Recognition for earning a “Perfect 10” on the Workplace Climate Scale

Send us your organization’s “Perfect 10” scorecard along with a description of related to each item on the scale, and we will recognize your achievement here!  Your achievement will help your organization reach the requirements for the Healthcare Equality Index and the Corporate Equality Index. Strategies for improving your climate may be found with TeamSTEPPS.

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