Just Published! “Defusing Bigotry at the Bedside” by Fidelindo Lim and Daniel Brian Borski

Our GLMA Nursing Colleague, Fidel Lim, just shared news of this, his latest article co-authored by one of his students (now graduated)!  This year Fidel will not be able to join us for the nursing summit, but he remains actively involved in the Education workgroup.  This article discusses the very difficult situation of patient verbal homophobic or racist assaults toward nurses, creating a real challenge for the nurse who is morally obligated to continue to provide the best quality of care.

As they note, even though society in general is shifting in the direction of greater acceptance of diversity, prejudice and incivility still exist, and having good support systems in place for nurses to deal constructively with the situation is an essential part of a positive workplace environment.  In addition, collective action by organized nursing groups lends strength to all efforts to overcome prejudice and stigma.  As they state:

“Policy statements supporting LGBT health equality and broader social concerns have been issued by the American Medical Association and the National Association of Social Workers; however, no similar position statements have been issued by the American Nurses Association (ANA). Although the ANA hasn’t issued an LGBT-specific position statement, its website provides a list of resources related to LGBT individuals and communities. . .  The American Academy of Nursing has issued a statement supporting healthcare for sexual minority and gender-diverse populations but made no reference to supporting LGBT nurses.” (page 42-43)

This is precisely at the center of the work we are doing in the GLMA Nursing Section!  At the Summit this coming week we are unveiling our “Workplace Climate Scale,” which is already available on our web site!  And, we have added an “Action Center” to our web site that will continue to document actions that other nursing groups take on behalf of LGBTQ rights! The Action Center already lists several policy statements by the American Academy of Nursing, the organization that has taken the lead in standing on the side of social justice in nursing!

So whether or not you can join us in Portland, Oregon – check out the web site, and return frequently – this is an ever-growing resource!  We will also be putting out a call for GLMA Nurses to be on the website team – so if you want to be involved in actually “doing” the work of the website, let me know!

Thank you for your fine article, Fidel!

Lim, F. A., & Borski, D. B. (2015). Defusing bigotry at the bedside. Nursing, 45(10), 40–44. http://doi.org/10.1097/01.NURSE.0000469238.51105.20 


  1. Thanks so much Peggy for sharing this to GLMA nursing!
    I will miss the conference. I’ll make sure to be in the next one.
    There is no doubt the Nursing Summit will be a success!


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