We are:

  • Nurses and nurse allies who are GLMA members dedicated to improving health and healthcare for all LGBTQ individuals and families.
  •  The first Section established within GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality to provide a forum for action within our discipline. See more about our history.
  • Committed to interdisciplinary connections with all health professionals in achieving our mutual goals.
  • Organized by workgroups dedicated to creating positive change for LGBTQ health in nursing practice, education and research, policy and organizational  climate.
  • Our leadership team is elected by the membership annually.  Nurse members of the GLMA Board are appointed and serve in key leadership capacities within the organization!

Our purposes are to:

  • Facilitate the development and implementation of specific actions to advance LGBTQ health issues within nursing practice, research, education and organizational policy.
  • Strengthen and support the involvement of nurses and nursing students within GLMA as a whole.
  • Provide an organizational home for LGBTQ nurses, students and allies.

Nursing Summit:

  • The first GLMA Nursing Summit was held in 2014, in Denver, Colorado
  • Our Section was formally established at the Summit on September 10, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Follow this site for updates on the 2017 Summit!