Author: Laura C. Hein

I am an Associate Professor in the College of Nursing at the University of South Carolina. The focus of my work is to decrease LGBTQ health disparities through social justice efforts.

Meet Laura C. Hein

Shi & Jamie

Hello colleagues and friends!  The holidays are almost upon us. Can you believe it’s been almost three months since the conference?!  Members of the different workgroups have been working hard.

I wanted to share an opportunity for input into NLN Accreditation standards. The NLN Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (CNEA) needs our feedback on their standards. Of particular interest to our Section is Standard IV: Culture of Learning and Diversity.  Press release with links to the standards and feedback survey.  This is our chance to address LGBTQ diversity concerns with one of our two nursing accreditation organizations. Please don’t pass up this opportunity!

I wish you all safe and Happy Holidays!                                         



GLMA Nurses working for Diversity and Inclusion at NLN

Laura C. Hein and Patti Zuzelo of the GLMA Nursing Section Leadership Team were invited to serve on the National League for Nursing (NLN) Strategic Action Group for Diversity in Nursing Education.   Nine nurses (two of whom were NLN leaders) spent the last two days discussing diversity and how to make nursing education more inclusive. Patti and I represented the LGBTQ community and emphasized the importance of recognizing and embracing all of our diversity. The current NLN Diversity Statement includes sexual orientation but does not include gender identity or gender expression. In my role as a GLMA board member and GLMA nursing leadership team I emphasized the importance of including “gender identity and gender expression” in NLN’s diversity and mission statement.

Our Diversity Action Group created a rough first draft of NLN’s Diversity Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan. We will have a final version published by February 2015.  Patti and I will continue to represent GLMA nurses and work to advance inclusive LGBTQ policies at NLN.

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