Nominations are open for 2015-16 Leadership Team

Greetings from Chair-elect Michael Johnson!

The GLMA Nursing section, also known as Nurses Advancing LGBT Health Equality (NALHE), will be moving in to its second year! We are soliciting self-nominations for the next leadership team, including Chair-Elect, Recorder, Budget Officer, and Student/Health Professionals in Training (HPiT) Representative. The GLMA Nursing section is the first-ever organizational home for LGBTQ nurses, students, and allies. The section leadership team and members have done great work, and we are excited to see what advances the next leadership team will make!

The purposes of the GLMA Nursing section are to: 1) Facilitate the development and implementation of specific actions to advance LGBTQ health issues within nursing practice, research, education and organizational policy; 2) Strengthen and support the involvement of nurses and nursing students within GLMA as a whole; and 3) Provide an organizational home for LGBTQ nurses, students and allies, something that has never before existed.

Requirements for the leadership team positions include:

  1. You must be a member of the GLMA Nursing section
  2. You must attend the Nursing Summit meeting in Portland, OR on September 24, 2015 (registration details can be found here:

 To self-nominate for one of the positions, please send an email to Michael Johnson ( by July 20, 2015 that includes the following:

  1. The position you are interested in running for (Chair-elect, Recorder, Budget Officer, or Student/Health Professionals in Training (HPiT) Representative
  2. A short biosketch
  3. A short personal statement that describes your reasons and/or qualifications for the position

After the self-nominations are received and compiled, an electronic election will be held. All of the nominees will be informed of the results in early August.

Thank you,

Michael Johnson (on behalf of the leadership team)


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