Organizational Climate

Workgroup leader for 2014-15: Peggy Chinn

Our specific goal for the coming year is to develop a Fact Sheet to guide assessing and creating a positive, welcoming organization culture for LGBTQ people and families.  Please join us in working on this important, and we think very fun, project!  Complete the contact form below and we will get our workgroup organized!

July 20, 2015 Update!  The GLMA Staff and Board have approved our Workplace Climate Project!  We will unveil the details at the GLMA Nursing Summit and will send information out to all of our members, as well as our GLMA Nursing email list!  But here is a sneak preview!

Also, here is the Description and Background of the Workplace Climate Project, which will be archived here as a record of our intentions for this project.

Download our 2014 Nursing summit report here, prepared by Amy Wilson-Stronks

Contact the Organizational Climate workgroup team leader: