Congratulations to Ralph Klotzbaugh!

Our colleague Ralph Klotzbaugh, our first GLMA Nursing Section Budget Officer, just let us know that he has been awarded a 50k internal grant at the University of New Mexico on a study with peer-led support groups for trans folks in New Mexico.  It’s through the Transdisciplinary Research for Equity and Engagement Center at the Health Sciences Center at UNM.  Here are the aims of the study:

  • Investigate an ongoing peer-led support group intervention to describe participant and facilitator demographics, the intervention, and the community-based sites providing this intervention for gender minorities in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Identify intervention participant and intervention peer-leaders’ perspectives on a) intersectional minority stress; b) outcomes of the intervention; and c) input for developing and delivering online peer-led support groups for gender minorities in New Mexico.
  • Develop a gender minority affirming, intersectional behavioral health outcomes measurement tool by operationalizing qualitative participant-informed outcome descriptions (from Aim 2), to inform future intervention research.

Congratulations, Ralph!  I know we will hear more about your work as it progresses!

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