Networking reminder!

Last October, I posted the following message on this blog – and I am posting it again – because we have been having a bit of a problem with the networking emails!  We are working on this – so bear with us – we will work it out!  If you are on the networking list and have the link to our Kanban view to find others in your region, the link I have sent before still works!  Wath for an update coming in the next couple of weeks!  And if you are not yet part of the networking group, information about how to join is below!

Our wonderful annual GLMA Nursing Summit is like an oasis in the desert for those of us who are able to attend, and the highlight is networking – meeting old and new friends, finding new connections with others who share our interests and passions for LGBTQIA+ health.  But what about the other 364 days of the year?  And what about possibilities a little bit closer to home?  The GLMA Nursing Section networking group might help!  There is nothing complicated about this group – it is simply a database that we can organize by region and showcase everyone in a gallery  makes it possible to find and connect with other LGBTQIA+ nurses and allies.

If you are not already signed up, here is the link to the form to sign up!  This is not GLMA membership, nor is it GLMA Nursing Section membership – it just gets you signed up for the networking database.  The benefit is that you will get a link to see a “kanban” view consisting off “cards” for everyone in the group, organized by your geographical region.  At this point, there are lots of regions (mostly states) that have no one – yet – and many that have only one or two people.  But over time that will change, and if you are part of the group, you can help change that! Your connection of course is not limited to just your region or neighboring regions – You can explore any region to find people who share your interest, and contact them by email

The Kanban view is password protected, and you have to have the link to sign in. Once you are part of the group, you will receive an email every few weeks reminding you of he link to the Kanban view, and a reminder of the password (which will change from time to time).  So join us! And if you already are in the group, encourage your friends to join us, and check the Kanban view frequently to welcome new networkers!

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