ANA Position Statement just released! Nursing Advocacy for LGBTQ+ Populations

This is huge!  The ANA has issued a major position statement advocating for LGBTQ+ populations – you can download it here.  Our own David Keepnews played a major role in crafting this statement – thank you David for your tireless leadership!


  1. I wouldn’t want to exaggerate my role in this (much as I appreciate Peggy’s kind words and the pic of me…). The workgroup (a workgroup of the ANA Ethics Advisory Board) itself was highly enthusiastic and supportive, but needed (and requested) support/consultation in navigating some of the history, issues and context, which I gladly helped to provide. But they carried the water on this—with tremendous support from Liz Stokes of the ANA staff. (The phrasing of the acknowledgment may be a little confusing: I’m not a member of the ANA Ethics Advisory Board, and I didn’t represent the American Academy of Nursing on this project, although this position statement is, of course, consistent with the Academy’s positions).

    Incidentally (and this is a comment, NOT a response to anyone!), my attitude about nursing organizations playing “catch-up” on LGBTQ issues is: Okay, let’s support them in catching up. It may sometimes be tempting to say “It’s about time!,” but if the outcome of a process like this is that our organizations end up with clear and strong positions, that’s a very good thing. Essentially, this is what I witnessed with the Academy, which went from basically being silent on these issues (at best) to being consistently strong, out-front supporters of LGBTQ equality, with a large, vital and active LGBTQ Health Expert Panel.

    Given ANA’s role as “keeper of the Code of Ethics,” the fact that this statement was developed through the ANA Ethics Advisory Board, and places these issues in the context of the Code, is especially important. I’m glad this statement has been issued, and grateful to have played a role in it.

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    1. So thrilled with this response, David!!! I would like to post this as a post – not just a comment … I will do just that later this week after the good news has a chance to circulate!


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