Ready for some action?

Since the GLMA Nursing Section was established at the GLMA conference last fall, a number of our members have laid a foundation for moving forward with several important action projects.  After all, we are nurses – we get things done!

One of our achievements during the past year was preparing the Workplace Climate Scale Project, which provides a tool for nurses to use to overcome homophobia and discrimination in the workplace using a positive approach that defines characteristics of an LGBTQ-affirming workplace environment.  The Patient Care Workgroup has produced a poster that can be used in break rooms and units to highlight LGBTQ inclusion in their care. At the Summit, the Education Workgroup will begin the work of LGBT Competencies for Nurses, similar to what AAMC did, They have a representative from AAMC to help strategize and move forward!  The Research workgroup has a number of projects underway, including a plan to evaluate the Workplace Climate Project.  The Policy workgroup will continue their project to work with nursing organizations to develop LGBTQ anti-discrimination policies.  

Each of the workgroups developed specific goals that they will be building on during the 2015 Summit!  To learn more, visit the Workgroup page on our web site and follow the links to each of the workgroups.  If you can be at the Summit, you will be able to join a workgroup in person.  If you cannot be there, each workgroup page has a contact form so you can be in touch with the workgroup leader now, and be part of the action!

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