Sneak Preview of the Nursing Summit Agenda!

Recently I received a preliminary note from Caitline Stover, who is the chair of the 2015 Nursing Summit planning group, about the plans for our time together in Portland, OR on September 24th!  There will be a couple of speakers, time for workgroups to catch up and plan for year, networking lunch, and lots of opportunities to meet and greet other LGBTQ nurses and nurse allies!  But the focus this year will be on skills building!  Here are the skills building topics that are planned:

  • Innovative data collection method for LGBT related research
  • Nurses advocating for gender inclusive forms
  • Nurse led inter-professional collaborations working towards LGBT elder health
  • Improving LGBT services at your academic institution..

Even if you cannot be there in person, stay connected to this blog to stay connected to your LGBTQ nurse colleagues!  And pass along the information to your friends and colleagues.  We don’t need large numbers to be effective, but we do want to make sure that every single nurse who has yearned for, imagined, or even despaired that there would ever be such a group, knows about GLMA nurses and has the opportunity to connect to what we are doing!

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