A Time for Action! Join!

Many of us have done our share of moaning and groaning about the lack of LGBTQ visibility and action in nursing – action to educate all students about LGBTQ health, action to speak out against homophobia that effects all of us, action to support LGBTQ research.  So now is the time to recognize a great opportunity to get involved in a way that can begin to change the status quo!  This opportunity is [drum roll!] the GLMA Nursing Section!  This is not the very first organized attempt to address LGBTQ issues in nursing, but it is the very important contemporary opportunity that is available to all!  Even if you think that there is next to nothing that you can do, you can join GLMA and the Nursing Section. Downtown_Portland_-_Travel_Portland Your membership is a vitally important statement of solidarity in this historic event to bring nursing to the table where the voices of LGBT activists are indeed heard, and where concrete action is happening.

To join, go to the GLMA web site and set up your membership today!  While you are there, check out what is planned for the September GLMA Nursing Summit and GLMA annual conference in Portland, Oregon.  We posted the tentative agenda for the Summit on this blog earlier this month, and the planning team is hard at work getting everything ready for a productive and inspiring time together!  We will post more information here (and on the GLMA nursing email list) as we get closer to September.  Of course all of this is to inspire you to join us if you can, but even if you can’t, your being connected and informed if in fact an action!  So stay tuned to stay informed, and pass along this information to everyone you can possibly reach!

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