Just Published! “Meeting the Needs of the Transgender Nursing Student” by Pam Levesque

Congratulations to Pam Levesque, whose article has just been published ahead of print in Nurse Educator!  Here is the link to the online article on the publisher’s web site, or you nurseEducatorcan access it through your academic library!  Here is the full citation!

Levesque, P. (2015). Meeting the Needs of the Transgender Nursing Student. Nurse Educator, Published Ahead of Print. doi: 10.1097/nne.0000000000000163    Retrieved Apri 19, 2015, Retrieved from http://journals.lww.com/nurseeducatoronline/Fulltext/publishahead/Meeting_the_Needs_of_the_Transgender_Nursing.99920.aspx


  1. Peggy, I can’t seem to access the article through your links. I will have to subscribe to get access to it. Just letting you know. Thanks so much. Esther S Cohen MSN RN CCRN


    1. Yes, the article is behind a pay wall, but subscribers can access it there, or, folks who have a connection to an academic library can access the article through the library. This raises the issue of open access vs traditional subscription material — so I highly recommend that folks become informed about this issue as soon as possible. A good place to start is the INANE initiative related to open access, editorial standards and predatory publishing – check it out here – http://nursingeditors.com/inane-initiatives/open-access-editorial-standards/


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