New Role for GLMA Nursing Chair-Elect at the National Cancer Institute

I am delighted, and so proud to announce that

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Michael J. Johnson, chair-elect of the GLMA Nursing Leadership Team, will soon be transitioning into a new role. He was recently accepted into the highly competitive and respected Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program, a four year post-doctoral research and leadership fellowship program at the National Cancer Institute. The fellowship starts June 2015.

Michael’s current research focuses on investigating factors that influence cervical cancer screening among LBQ women and transmen. Although he is unsure if cervical cancer will remain his focus during the post-doctoral fellowship, he will continue to focus on cancer prevention among LGBT populations. In addition to bringing his expertise in LGBT populations to the National Cancer Institute, he will also be one of the few nurses in the fellowship program.

Michael and his husband Matthew will be relocating to the Washington DC area next summer.

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